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African Banknotes - Your excellent source for news, information and updates on banknotes from Africa.

APC Paper Collect – Beate Rauch does not run your typical foreign currency website.  Her site specializes in German notgeld, war propaganda leaflets, surrender passes, and a wide variety of other unique paper items.  Her company operates out of Las Vegas and has been around since the 1960s.

Arabian Coins – As the company name suggests, company owner Mahdi Bseiso focused on both coins and bank notes from the Middle East.  Bseiso runs his operations out of New York and he is always available to both buy and sell.

ATS Notes - Anna & Tom Sluszkiewicz, hence the name ATS, have one of the largest online inventories of foreign bank notes for sale to date.  They have run their website since 1996 and just a quick visit will reveals thousands of bank notes imaged and available for purchase.

Banknotes – is one of the oldest and most extensive sites on the web.  You can find pictures and information about foreign bank notes.  Unbiased paid currency appraisals are available, as are direct sells and buys.  Audrius Tomonis runs the site out of the Unites States.

BanknoteNews – Owen Linzmayer maintains BanknoteNews, which covers breaking news about international paper & polymer money. He is also publishing The Banknote Book, a new catalog of world notes available in print format and PDF files sold by subscription or individually by chapters. His site is a must-visit for anyone serious about his or her numismatic education, and his catalog is a must-have for collectors and dealers alike.

Bank Note Store – Barry Boswell and Kate Bouvier run their operations out of England.  They specialize in bank notes from The United Kingdom.  Their inventory has a little something for everyone, whether you focus on UK bank notes or other countries.

Banknotes of the World - Tony Pisciotta is a world paper money dealer operating out of the United States.  He stocks an extensive inventory ranging from a couple dollars up to several hundred.  So whether you are just starting or looking for a tough addition, Tony can probably help out.

Banknote World – Abdullah Beydoun is a full time paper money dealer operating out of Chicago.  He travels the world buying and selling all types of foreign money.  His site currently has images of more than 22,000 bank notes, and growing.

British Notes – Pam West owns and operates British Notes.  She is a fixture at coin and currency shows both in the United States and abroad.  Pam has been a member of the International Bank Note Society since 1977 and she is still extremely active today.  As you might have guessed from her website name, she works out of and specializes in the United Kingdom.

Canada Currency – The team at has been buying and selling Canadian bank notes for years.  They specialize in chartered bank notes, all Dominion of Canada notes, and Bank of Canada Currency printed between 1935 and 1954.  If you have something to sell and what to get treated fairly, then please check out their site.

E Banknote Shop – Shibu Paul & Ashley Alexander (IBNS Life Members) specialize in new issues and middle east banknotes. They are collector dealers and price without the huge markups most collectors are used to paying.  They work out of the United Kingdom.

Essie Kashani – Essie Kashani is a collector, dealer, and consultant who has been actively collecting paper money for over 25 years.  His site contains an extensive want list, but he is specifically focusing on Egypt.  He runs his operations out of the United States.

LaBarre Galleries – George Labarre makes sure his company has something for everything.  He runs his company out of New Hampshire.  However, it seems like they set up at 52 shows a year.  He is very accessible and at the time of this writing has more than 600 world bank notes available for sale.

Old Bucks – Jeff Paunicka has made a name for himself not just from his great eye, but also for his willingness to promote the hobby.  His company sets up at many shows across the Midwest.  You will find both United States and world currency in his extensive inventory.

Pages Coins and Currency – PC&C is available to buy, sell, and trade all types of paper money from across the world.  In addition to foreign bank notes, they also stock some United States coins and just about every time of numismatic supply you could ever want.

Philynota - Philynota is a paper money company looking to buy and sell rare bank notes from the across the world.

Rare Paper Money – has dozens of pictures of rare bank notes and all types of paper money.  They are specialists when it comes to buying and selling.  Check out their price guides for more information.

Rosenblum Coins – Bill Rosenblum is the leading authority on Jewish numismatics.  That includes coins and currency from ancient times to today.  He has been a full time dealer for forty years and his career highlights include helping build and sell the most impressive collections ever assembled.  He currently operates out of Colorado.

World Bank Note Gallery – If having 26,000 images of world bank notes wasn’t enough, the sister site to the world bank note gallery has over 40,000 coin images.  Don Norris, who operates out of the United States, has created a one stop shop to find, identify, and value your world bank notes.

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